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Prepare for the Eventualities of Life with
Trusted Coverage 

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Life & Estate  

Give yourself and your family peace of mind through comprehensive Life Insurance and Estate Planning, we'll prepare you for life's journey. Explore the world with the security of Away From Home Assurance, knowing the unexpected won't burden your family financially.


As you approach the end, partner with us to craft dignified and respectful End of Life Arrangements. Need additional support? Our In-Home Care services provide assistance and companionship, ensuring comfort and independence at every stage.


Let Trusted Coverage be your guide, safeguarding your well-being and preparing you for life's transitions with personalized solutions and compassionate care.


We understand the vital role your employees play in your success. Attract and retain top talent with our comprehensive Group Benefits plans, offering health, dental, and vision coverage for a happy and healthy workforce.


Empower your team towards financial security with customizable Group Retirement plans, paving the way for a brighter future. Succession Planning ensures a smooth transition when ownership changes hands, while Buy Sell Insurance safeguards your business continuity in case of an owner's death or disability.


Business Overhead Insurance keeps your doors open and expenses covered in the event of a key employee's disability.


Whether you're cruising local waters with your cherished boat, commanding a luxurious yacht, or transporting valuable cargo across vast distances, we ensure smooth sailing.


Our Boat Insurance provides comprehensive protection for your local pleasure craft, while our Yacht Insurance safeguards your offshore adventures.


Manage your rental business seamlessly with Charter Insurance, protecting both your investment and your customers' peace of mind.


Cargo Insurance ensures your valuable goods reach their destination safely, while Dealer Insurance protects your inventory and facilitates smooth transactions.

Sarah M., Vancouver, BC

"I couldn't be happier with the service I received from Trusted Coverage. From the moment I reached out, their team was professional, knowledgeable, and incredibly helpful. They found me the best insurance policy at a competitive rate, and the process was seamless. I highly recommend Trusted Coverage for anyone looking for reliable insurance solutions."
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Unlock a world of protection and peace of mind with Trusted Coverage. Get a free quote today and secure your life, business, and journey ahead.

About Trusted Coverage
We're a family owned and operated BC brokerage forming a comprehensive network of professional services aimed at reinforcing your life. We're dedicated to assisting and empowering you, your family, and your business in preparing for whatever life brings.

The world is unpredictable, but we're here to simplify the journey, support you through its challenges, and provide comprehensive, value driven coverage.  
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Relax, We've Got Your Back

Chat with us to learn more about how we do all the heavy lifting for you, granting you and your loved ones the gift of preparedness and peace of mind, ensuring you leave a lasting legacy.

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